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Baker’s Secret has taken the bold leap to redesign our packaging with a contemporary and elegant look.

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Baker’s Secret has had a packaging makeover!

Baker’s Secret has had a packaging makeover!

Known for being the brand that offers the most extensive range of metal bakeware items from the standard everyday to the more unique/niche pans, the Baker’s Secret mission is to continue to inspire and encourage the everyday home baker to create, bake and play all in the comfort of their own kitchen.

With almost 50 years of heritage, we’ve learnt and understand the basics of great baking techniques creating great baking pans that meet the needs of the modern baker.

Baker’s Secret has taken the bold leap to redesign our packaging with a contemporary and elegant look. This new look reflects a modern design that reveals new food lifestyle photography, and simple food styling. 26 NEW and enticing recipes have been developed and included on pack.

When baking is as simple, foolproof and accessible as possible, it’s more fun to get creative in the kitchen – the right pans with the right recipes, go a long way.


Ann Reardon bakes with Baker’s Secret



Ann Reardon, mum of three who started from humble beginnings of simply setting up a website ( where she could share her cooking tips and cake recipes in between breastfeeding her third son, has now evolved and become Australia’s No.1 rated YouTube baking sensations behind the YouTube cooking channel, ‘How to Cook That’.


With over a million subscribers, the qualified food scientist, ex-dietitian and now online baking extraordinaire, Ann’s videos which range from simple macaroons to out of this world cake creations, has raked up over 150 million views making her channel not only No.1 in Australia, but No.3 worldwide! Now, over the course of the next 12 months, Ann has joined forces with Baker’s Secret to create delicious recipes using our range of products, the first being a delectably elegant French classic dessert, the Fraisier.


A fraisier, which is simply the French word for strawberry, is an incredibly pretty French cake which uses delicious fresh strawberries and crème supported by layers of fluffy sponge cake – the end result looks almost too good and beautiful to eat!


Using the Baker’s Secret 12 Cup Loose Base Round Dessert Pan, Ann Reardon’s easy to follow Fraisier tutorial will certainly make you a hit at your next party!

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