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Baker’s Secret has taken the bold leap to redesign our packaging with a contemporary and elegant look.

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IMPORTANT: use and care of PYREX®

IMPORTANT: use and care of PYREX®

With all glass products, you must exercise an appropriate degree of care, especially when cooking food at high temperatures.

Avoid sudden temperature changes to glassware.
DO NOT add liquid to hot glassware
DO NOT place hot glassware on a wet or cool surface, directly on a counter, metal surface, or in the sink
DO NOT handle hot glassware with a wet cloth.
ALWAYS allow hot glassware to cool on a cooling rack, potholder or dry cloth.
Be sure to allow hot glassware to cool before washing, refrigerating or freezing.

OXO launches innovative Greensaver range to keep fruit and vegetables fresher for longer



Did you know that each year Australians throw out approximately $8 billion in edible food, $2.6 billion of which is fresh food?

OXO, recognised worldwide for its universal design solutions, has announced the launch of the Greensaver range, an innovative new line of produce storage specially designed to prolong the life of fresh produce, save money and time, and most importantly, help reduce the amount of food wastage in Australia.

To prevent premature spoiling, the range uses a unique system of safe, non-toxic, replaceable carbon filters to absorb the excess ethylene gas released by fruits and vegetables which causes the spoiling.

Whether it’s storing fresh berries, keeping lettuce crisp and crunchy, or helping prevent bananas from becoming overripe too quickly, the OXO Greensaver means Aussie households can now easily and correctly store their groceries.

The new line includes produce keepers that are available in three stackable sizes (1.5L, 4L and 4.7L) as well as a crisper insert that helps to regulate the levels of ethylene gas in the vegetable drawer of any refrigerator.

The produce keepers also feature an elevated basket to promote airflow around produce and preventing rotting, along with an adjustable vent that allows for differing humidity levels for storing different types of fruit and vegetables.

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