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Familiar, but something different. Sassy, but with charm.

Memories cannot be recreated, but evoke an emotional connection to our past. That’s why we chose to pay homage to vintage Pyrex® opal glass, but with flair for a new generation.



No kitchen is complete without PYREX® glassware. Offering kitchen glassware characterised by clean design, endless versatility and excellent quality since 1915, PYREX® today is a household name.

Unlike earthenware, porcelain or enamelled dishes, PYREX® glass absorbs, rather than reflects heat waves in the oven. This speeds up the cooking process and saves energy. The specific attributes of PYREX® glass that were important back in 1915 when PYREX® glass was given a domestic application, are still important to consumers today:

  • Ideal for use in oven, microwave, fridge and freezer
  • Bake, serve and store in the same dish
  • Does not stain or retain food odours
  • Easy to clean and dishwasher safe
  • Long-lasting durability

Today the PYREX® glass range is vast; comprising a highly recognisable food prep range which includes the popular measuring jug and mixing bowl in various sizes, a handy kitchenware range, a feature-filled metal bakeware range & an extremely versatile storage range.

The following PYREX® ranges are available:

  • Pyrex® Prepware
  • Pyrex® Bakeware
  • Pyrex® Storage
  • Pyrex® Advantage
  • Pyrex® Kitchenware Tools and Gadgets


Features & Benefits

Pyrex® Prepware

Any great meal starts with great preparation – the right tools in the hands of someone who knows how to use them. When you think of those tools, think of PYREX® prepware. As the #1 measuring cup brand, it’s a kitchen icon that has not only stood the test of time me, but set the standard in prepware for nearly a century. Use PYREX® glassware – from measuring cups to mixing bowls – and you’re using prepware that inspires confidence.

Pyrex® Bakeware

PYREX® bakeware is a must have for any serious kitchen. Available in an array of functional shapes and sizes, each individual piece can be used for baking, cooking, microwaving, serving, and storage.

Pyrex® Storage

The versatility of PYREX® glassware extends to storage dishes in an array of convenient, stackable sizes with plastic lids for safe-keeping. Better yet, those same storage dishes are perfect for reheating and serving, since they’re resistant to both heat and cold. Compared to the plastic counterparts, PYREX® glassware storage dishes do not stain or retain food colours, tastes or odours.

Pyrex® Advantage

Each PYREX Advantage piece has been made from professional weight steel with a premium metal utensil safe non-stick surface and is dishwasher safe. The PYREX Advantage range has been developed to be stackable with smart, innovative features to satisfy the needs and demands of consumers. Each Pyrex Advantage pan offers one or more of the following features:

  • Portion guides to ensure servings are consistently sized and sufficient in number
  • Fill lines which act as a guide to portioning batter into pan so that cakes are of the same size
  • Cookie targets that act as a guide for placement of cookie dough, ensuring consistently sized cookies and that cookies do not spread onto each other in the baking process

Pyrex Kitchenware Tools and Gadgets

Each piece of Pyrex Kitchenware offers innovative and contemporary designs and one or more of the following intuitive features:

  • Silicone over moulding for comfort, high temperature resistance and easy clean-up
  • Soft edges for use with non-stick and traditional cookware surfaces
  • Smart, visual indicators for measuring and timing accuracy
  • Magnetic features for ease of use and storage

Pyrex Metal Cookware  Use & Care


Thank you for choosing Pyrex® Cookware Collection. Your cookware can be used on gas and electric coil ranges and most smooth-top ranges. Consult your owner’s manual or your range for recommended cookware. Pyrex cookware is intended for top-of-range cooking but can be used in a preheated oven up to 350°F or 175°C. DO NOT USE UNDER A BROILER or in oven when self-cleaning cycle is operating.



  • NEVER use cookware on high heat, leave empty cookware on a hot burner or allow cookware to boil dry. If cookware bottom melts/separates, TURN OFF HEAT. DO NOT REMOVE COOKWARE UNTIL IT HAS COOLED. DO NOT USE AGAIN.
  • ALWAYS use low to medium heat only.
  • ALWAYS use potholders when handling hot cookware.
  • DO NOT make double boiler out of pots that are not designed for that purpose.
  • DO NOT make repairs or use damaged cookware.
  • DO NOT place glass lid on a burner, under a broiler or browning element, or in a microwave oven.
  • DO NOT use cookware under a broiler, over a campfire, in a microwave oven or on a gas grill.
  • DO NOT HEAT OR LEAVE EMPTY NON-STICK PAN ON A HOT BURNER for more than three (3) minutes. Fumes from the non-stick pan heated empty can be fatal to pet birds or cause temporary flu-like symptoms in humans. Also, overheating can make the pans fuse to the surface of glass top ranges, requiring the replacement of the glass cook top.
  • ALWAYS match pot or pan to burner size. Adjust gas flame so that it does not extend up the sides of the pot or pan.
  • ALWAYS place hot cookware on heat-resistant surface such as a wooden cutting board.
  • ALWAYS avoid sliding or dragging your cookware over the surface of your stove top, especially glass top ranges, as scratches may result.


  • DO NOT place glass lid on a burner, under a broiler or browning element, or in a microwave oven.
  • DO NOT handle hot glass lid with damp or wet cloth/potholder, or put it on a cool or wet surface. Avoid extreme temperature changes when using glass lids.
  • ALWAYS allow glass lids to cool before placing them in water.
  • ALWAYS use potholders. Handles and knobs can get very hot, especially when placed in the oven. Use caution when touching the lids and handles.
  • DO NOT use glass lids that have cracks or deep scratches. If your lid is cracked or has deep scratches, breakage can occur spontaneously.
  • ALWAYS tilt lid to direct steam away from you.
  • Lid Vacuum: Lid left on pan after turning heat down or off may result in a vacuum that causes the lid to seal the pan. If lid seal occurs, DO NOT attempt to remove lid from pan in any way. Turn off the heat, remove from burner and allow pan to completely cool before removing lid. To avoid a lid seal, remove lid or set it ajar before turning heat off.
  • Periodically, check handles and knobs to be sure they are not loose. If the handles are attached with screws, re-tighten the screws, being careful not to overtighten. If the screw cannot be tightened, please contact the World Kitchen Help Center at the number above.

Usage Instructions:

  • See warnings stated above.
  • BEFORE FIRST USE: Wash cookware thoroughly with hot, soapy water. Rinse and dry.
  • All Pyrex® cookware can be used on gas and electric coil ranges and most smooth-top ranges.  Consult the owner’s manual or your range for recommended cookware.


  • DO NOT use bleach, chlorinated cleaners or oven cleaners to clean cookware.
  • DO NOT use metal utensils, sharp instruments or harsh abrasives to clean glass lids. These items may scratch and weaken the glass.
  • ALWAYS let cookware cool before coming into contact with water to prevent warping.
  • To remove burned-on food, soak before cleaning and scrub with plastic scouring pad if necessary.


  • See warnings stated above.
  • ALWAYS use heat-resistant plastic, nylon or wooden cooking utensils on the non-stick finish. To prevent scratching avoid using sharp-edged or metal utensils. Minor scratching will affect only the appearance of the coating; it will not harm its non-stick performance or food cooking in the pan.
  • DO NOT use non-stick cooking sprays on non-stick cookware – an invisible buildup will impair the non-stick coating and food will stick in the pan.


  • See warnings stated above.
  • Use a non-abrasive stainless steel cleaner to remove heat discoloration (rainbow appearance) or food stains (from starchy foods).
  • Salt can “pit” stainless steel surfaces. Add salt to liquid only after it reaches the boiling point and stir to dissolve. DO NOT store acidic or salty foods in cookware.
  • A spotted white film may form that can be removed with a mild solution of water and lemon juice or vinegar.


World Kitchen, LLC will replace, or exchange for product of equal value (at World Kitchen’s option) any Pyrex® non-stick or stainless steel cookware vessel which is defective in material or workmanship for the lifetime of the cookware vessel when used under normal household conditions.

Damage from overheating or improper use of the product is not covered by this warranty, nor is scratching, discoloration, or other deterioration of the non-stick surface.

World Kitchen, LLC will replace or exchange for products of equal value (at World Kitchen’s option) any tempered glass lid that breaks from heat within 10 years from the date of purchase.

The above warranties are limited to products used under normal household conditions and do not cover damage caused by accident, misuse, abuse, negligence, commercial use or attempted repair. Also, scratches, stains, discoloration, warping, pitting and damage from overheating are not covered under these warranties. Finally, the warranties do not apply to the finish of the handles and knobs on the cookware. The owner must follow the Safety & Usage Instructions provided with the product. Should a warranty problem develop, contact the World Kitchen Help Center (see list). KEEP THE PRODUCT. You may be asked to return it. Incidental and consequential damages are expressly excluded from these warranties. Some jurisdictions do not allow the exclusion or limitation on incidental or consequential damages, so the foregoing limitation or exclusion may not apply to you. These warranties give you specific legal rights, and you may also have other rights which vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. Pyrex is a registered trademark of Corning Incorporated, used under license by World Kitchen, LLC.


Pyrex Glass Prepware, Bakeware & Storage Use & Care

Safety and usage instructions and warranties

As with all glass products, you must exercise an appropriate degree of care, especially when cooking food at high temperatures. There are three primary risks associated with using glassware for cooking: (1) breakage due to a sudden temperature change applied to the glassware; (2) breakage due to impact if the glassware is dropped or knocked against a hard object; and (3) burning when handling hot bakeware.



  • Avoid sudden temperature changes to glassware. DO NOT add liquid to hot glassware; place hot glassware on a wet or cool surface, directly on countertop or metal surface, or in sink; or handle hot glassware with wet cloth. Allow hot glassware to cool on a cooling rack, potholder or dry cloth. Be sure to allow hot glassware to cool as provided above before washing, refrigerating or freezing.
  • Oven must be preheated before inserting glassware.
  • DO NOT use on or under a flame or other direct heat source, including on a stove top, under a broiler, on a grill or in a toaster oven.
  • Add a small amount of liquid sufficient to cover the bottom of the dish prior to cooking foods that may release liquid.
  • Avoid handling hot glassware (including ware with silicone gripping surfaces) without dry potholders.
  • Avoid microwave misuse. DO NOT use glassware to microwave popcorn or foods wrapped in heat-concentrating material (such as special browning wrappers), heat empty or nearly empty glassware in microwave, or overheat oil or butter in microwave (use minimum amount of cooking time).
  • Be careful when handling broken glass because pieces may be extremely sharp and difficult to locate.
  • Handling your glassware without an appropriate degree of care could result in breakage, chipping, cracking or severe scratching. DO NOT use or repair any glassware that is chipped, cracked or severely scratched.
  • DO NOT drop or hit glassware against a hard object or strike utensils against it.

Usage Instructions

Pyrex® Glassware can be used for cooking, baking, warming and reheating food in microwave ovens and preheated conventional or convection ovens. Pyrex Glassware is dishwasher safe and may be washed by hand using non-abrasive cleansers and plastic or nylon cleaning pads if scouring is necessary. This product is intended for normal household use only; it is not intended for camping, industrial or commercial use. Plastic lids are for microwave and storage use only, and are BPA free.

Limited Two-Year Warranty

World Kitchen, LLC promises to replace any Pyrex glass product that breaks from oven heat, and any Pyrex non-glass accessory item with a manufacturing defect, within TWO YEARS from the date of purchase.

The foregoing warranties apply only to products damaged during normal household use.

These warranties do not cover damage resulting from misuse, negligence, accidental breakage or attempted repair. For these warranties to apply, the owner must follow the applicable Safety and Usage Instructions set forth above. These warranties do not apply to items that are: used while camping; used commercially or institutionally; or damaged while moving or in related storage. If the exact item is not available, it will be replaced with a comparable item. Incidental and consequential damages are expressly excluded. Some states do not allow the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages, so the foregoing limitation or exclusion may not apply to you.  If making a warranty claim,

KEEP THE  PRODUCT – you may be asked to return it. This warranty gives you specific legal rights.  You may also have other rights, which vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction.  Should a warranty problem develop, contact the World Kitchen Australia Customer Service department on 1800 251 643 or (02) 9317 1000

PYREX is a registered trademark of Corning Incorporated, used under license by World Kitchen, LLC.

Portables is a registered trademark of WKI Holding Company, Inc., used with permission by World Kitchen, LLC.



Before first use, wash the pan by hand or in dishwasher. Dry thoroughly. Follow recipe instructions. Some foods may stain the pan surface; however, this will not affect the pan’s performance. Do not use in microwave, on range top, or allow direct contact with flame. Always allow bakeware to cool before washing with cold water or placing on a cold surface. With its scratch resistant feature, Pyrex ADVANTAGE is safe for use with metal spatulas. Do not use knives, forks, or serrated blades on the non-stick surface.  Avoid use of steel wool, abrasive pads or cleansers when cleaning.

Portion Guides

Use Pyrex ADVANTAGE Portion Guides to ensure servings are consistently sized and sufficient in number – determine the number of servings required. Prepare  by portioning from one guide to the corresponding guide on the side of the  pan. Repeat until the desired of servings is reached. Portion cutting guides also help with cutting straight lines.  Follow own recipe and instructed.

Fifteen Year Limited Warranty

World Kitchen (Australia) Pty Ltd promises to replace or exchange for equal value (at WKA’s option) any PYREX® ADVANTAGE bakeware item with defects in material or workmanship for 15 years from the date of purchase. This warranty does not cover staining, discolouration or scratching of the non-stick surface, nor misuse, abuse or institutional/ commercial use. For this warranty to apply, the owner must follow these Safety Usage Instructions. Should a warranty problem develop, contact World Kitchen (Australia) on 02 9317 1000 or 1800 251 643. KEEP THE PRODUCT. World Kitchen (Australia) may ask you to return it. Incidental and consequential damages are expressly excluded from this warranty. Some jurisdictions do not allow this exclusion or limitation, so the foregoing limitation or exclusion may not apply to you. This warranty gives you specific legal rights and you may also have other rights, which may vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction.

PYREX is a trademark of Corning, Inc., New York 14831, used under license by World Kitchen, Inc.


Safety and usage instructions and warranties

World Kitchen (Australia) Pty Ltd warrants this item to be free from defects in material or workmanship, and, on return, will repair or replace it with the same item or one of similar value at no cost to you. No questions asked.

World Kitchen (Australia) Pty Ltd
PO BOX 291, Alexandria, NSW, 2015
1800 251 643 or (02) 9317 1000

Pyrex® is a registered trademark to World Kitchen (Australia) Pty Ltd


Pyrex Cutlery Use & Care

Knife Care

  • For best results, hand wash your knives with soap and water and dry immediately.
  • Soaking wood-handled knives in water can remove the natural oils from the handles.
  • DO NOT put knives in the dishwasher. Dishwasher may cause nicks on the blade edges. Additionally, the heat and detergent may have a corrosive effect on the knives and damage the handle.
  • DO NOT cut through bone with knives of use knives to poke, pry or separate frozen foods.
  • DO NOT use knives as screwdrivers or can openers. This is not their intended purpose and can bend of break the blade or edge.

Knife Storage

  • Sharp knives should never be stores loose in a drawer because contact with hard objects can dull the blade. Many PYREX sets are sold with a hardwood block for safe, convenient storage.
  • Storage is another way for convenient and safe storage, saving counter space with a magnetic strip.
  • PYREX knives purchased individually are available in blade protectors. The blade protectors help keep the knife sharp and provide safe and convenient storage at home.


  • Use the correct size and type of knife for the job.
  • Cut away from the body when possible.
  • Use knives with a wooden or polyethylene cutting board.
  • DO NOT use a knife to stab, pull or lift materials.
  • Never pry open objects with a knife.
  • After handing a knife, lay it down in a cleared area with the blade away from the body and a safe distance from the edge of the cutting area.
  • DO NOT reach blindly for a knife; reach deliberately for the handle.
  • Never try to catch a falling knife.
  • A sharp knife is safer than a dull one.


  • Sharpeners are not for use on scalloped or serrated edges. For optimum performance, knives should be sharpened after every couple of uses. Use a scouring powder after use to clean and remove metal particles from your sharpening steel. After cleaning the steel, rinse with water, dry it thoroughly and store it in a dry place.

Sharpening Steel

  • Hold sharpening steel point down on flat stable surface such as a table or cutting board.
  • Angle knife blade approximately 15 degrees from the sharpening steel. Imaging the knife blade is at approximately 11 o’clock and 1 o’clock.
  • Pull the knife down and across the sharpening steel in a slight arc, pulling the knife handle toward you. Repeat on the other side of the steel.
  • Repeat these steps 8-9 times, alternating the right and left side of the cutting edge.
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